Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall Level 9 (2024) (2024)

At a level 9 Town Hall in Clash of Clans, you have a variety of troops and spells at your disposal. Knowing how to properly use these parts of your army effectively to maximize the stars and resources you earn from raids will allow you to dominate your opponents. Here we’ll look at the best Clash of Clans attack strategies along with the armies you’ll need to succeed every time you attack.

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First, Know Your TH9 Army

When you know the troops and spells you have available at TH9, developing an attack plan that works for you will become even easier. Let’s take a look at all the troops and spells you’ll have unlocked:

Town Hall Level 9 Troops

RegularDark TroopsHeroes
BarbarianMinionBarbarian King
ArcherHog RiderArcher Queen
Wall BreakerWitch
BalloonLava Hound

Town Hall Level 9 Spells

  • Lightning Spell
  • Healing Spell
  • Rage Spell
  • Jump Spell
  • Freeze Spell
  • Poison Spell
  • Earthquake Spell
  • Haste Spell

Best Clash of Clans Armies for TH9: Top 5 Attack Strategies

The strategies below are ranked in no particular order.

TH9 Attack Strategy #1: GoHo

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall Level 9 (2024) (5)

When looking at the GoHo attack strategy, there are two key troops: Golems and Hog Riders. One of the main keys to successfully implementing an attack plan will be to balance your tank troops (like Golems and Giants), your main damage-inflicting troops (like Wizards and Hog Riders), and your support troops (like Healers and Wall Breakers). Knowing when and where to use your spells will allow your troops extra boosts that will make your attack even more effective.

First, we’ll identify two different variations of armies that can be used, then we’ll look at the tactics to use with these armies.

Recommended Armies

Army OneArmy Two
5 Goblins2 Golems
6 Wall Breakers21 Hogs
12 Wizards10 Wizards
25 Hog Riders4 Wall Breakers
1 Golem3 Archers
3 Healing Spells2 Heal Spells
3 Earthquake Spells1 Rage Spell
1 Jump Spell
1 Poison Spell
Hogs & Poison Spell (Clan Castle)


When first initiating your attack, the first defense you want to target is the archer queen. After locating the Archer Queen, you want to determine the quickest way to get to her. Looking for a path with minimal defensive structures and buildings (like Barracks and Resource Buildings) in the way. After determining the most efficient path, if you have Earthquake Spells or Lightning Spells, you want to deploy them around the Archer Queen and Clan Castle. Following this, you’re going to want to create a funnel using your Golems, Wizards, and other troops like Minions or Archers. You do not want to use your Hog Riders immediately into the attack.

When you know where the Archer Queen is, the path you want your troops to take to her, and have deployed your damage-inflicting spells, you’re going to want to deploy troops. First, you’ll want to use your Heroes, Wall Breakers, Golems, and Wizards to make the first attack. By placing your Golems with some space between them, they will attract the defenses while your Wall Breakers move in to clear out walls. Then by placing your Wizards and Heroes, you have a small funnel created by the Golems taking drawing the defenses from both sides, creating your funnel. During this move, you may want to use spells like Heal Spells or Rage Spells to help boost the attack of the first round of troops.

For the rest of your troops like Minions, Archers, Goblins, or any other utility troops you added to your army, they can be deployed in two ways. One, with the first group to aid in the attack towards the Archer Queen. After the troops from the first wave have made some progress into the base and have drawn the attention of defenses, deploy Hog Riders on a side opposite from where you created the funnel. This would be another time to use utility troops like Barbarians or Archers along with a Jump Spell if you have one. The ability for Hog Riders to jump over walls allows for a quick sneak attack from a different direction which will leave the defenses focused on the first wave of troops vulnerable.

TH9 Attack Strategy #2: Mass Dragons

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall Level 9 (2024) (6)

Mass Dragons is a relatively simple approach in terms of tactics because the focus of this tactic is scorched earth. Using extremely powerful air attacks, Dragons, and Balloons, the goal is to inflict as much damage as possible from above. Using spells in this tactic will be key.

Recommended Armies

Army OneArmy Two
11 Dragons9 Dragons
8 Lightning Spells8 Balloons
1 Haste Spell6 Lightning Spells
Archer Queen1 Rage Spell
Barbarian King1 Poison Spell
6 Balloons & 1 Haste Spell (Clan Castle)Balloons (Clan Castle)


The tactics for this approach are relatively simple. Depending on what spells you chose to use, those are going to be used to inflict early damage as well as provide boosts for your troops. You’re going to want to deploy your Heroes to attack outlying buildings around the base. Then you’re simply going to want to find the path that will allow you to get to the center of the base and air defenses quickly. Once you’ve identified a route, use spells like Lightning and Poison spells to inflict early damage then deploy all your air troops. As they move into the base you will want to use Haste and Rage spells to provide boosts to speed and damage dealt.

TH9 Attack Strategy #3: Witch Slap

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall Level 9 (2024) (7)

When it comes to the Witch Slap strategy, the main goal is to overwhelm your opponent’s base with a swift wave of witches. The variation in the army comes from your preferences in how you want to support your Witches on their attack.

Recommended Armies

Army OneArmy Two
6 Archers2 Golems
5 Wall Breakers11 Witches
2 Golems5 Wizards
12 Witches4 Wall Breakers
1 Rage Spell2 Jump Spells
2 Freeze Spells1 Rage Spell
1 Poison Spell1 Heal Spell
4 Earthquake Spells1 Poison Spell
Golem (Clan Castle)


Similar to the GoHo strategy, you’re going to want to create a funnel using Golems and Wall Breakers to distract defenses and create an easy path directly into the enemy base. After deploying the first wave of troops to draw the attention of defenses, you’ll then want to deploy all witches and heroes behind this first line. If you have Healers in your army, you’ll want to deploy them with the witches.

While your troops make their way to the center of the base, you’ll first want to make sure any damage-dealing potions are used on the core of the base around the Clan Castle, Town Hall, and key defensive structures. When using spells like the Poison or Earthquake spells, the defenses you want to focus on are Wizard Towers and Mortars. If they’re not close enough to hit both with one spell, focus on the Wizard Tower.

With Spells used, and troops making their way to the center of the base, the only thing left to do would be to use the remaining troops. Regardless of what troops you have left to use, the goal should be to place them in areas where they’ll draw the attention of defensive structures as the first wave of your troops attacks the center of the base.

TH9 Attack Strategy #4: GoWiPe

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall Level 9 (2024) (8)

GoWiPe is a good attack strategy for a player who has focused on upgrading their troops but has yet to determine a way to effectively attack their opponents. The 2 key things about this strategy are high-level troops as well as both the Archer Queen and Barbarian King being level 5.

Recommended Armies

Army OneArmy Two
4 Healers1 Golem
10 Hog Riders15 Hogs
1 Golem2 Pekkas
2 Pekkas13 Wizards
8 Wizards5 Wall Breakers
2 Archers3 Archers
1 Healing Spell1 Rage Spell
2 Rage Spells1 Jump Spell
1 Jump Spell2 Heal Spells
1 Poison Spell1 Poison Spell
1 Golem (Clan Castle)Hogs (Clan Castle)


Using your Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Healers, you’ll create a funnel similar to the ones described in the following strategies. This will draw the immediate attention of defenses while your next troops, Golems, can slip between them into the center of the base. After making some progress and getting your Golems into the center of the base into a position to take damage from defenses, deploying Pekkas and Wizards will allow them to move directly into the center of the base while defenses are focused on their first wave of troops. The last specific step is to deploy your Hog Riders to destroy defenses immediately inside the base walls that are out of reach of the initial wave of your troops.

Any other troops like Archers and Barbarians can be used with the initial wave of troops moving into the center, placed to take out buildings on the outskirts or provide a temporary distraction to outlying defensive buildings.

TH9 Attack Strategy #5: LavaLoon

Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall Level 9 (2024) (9)

In the last strategy, we’ll look at one similar to Mass Dragons but instead of the focus being on Dragons, the focus is on the use of Balloons and Lava Hounds.

Recommended Armies

Army OneArmy Two
16 Balloons3 Lava Hounds
25 Minions25 Balloons
3 Lava Hounds5 Archers
1 Healing Spell4 Rage Spells
3 Rage Spells1 Poison Spell
Lava Hound (Clan Castle)Balloons & Poison Spell (Clan Castle)


The first focus when using this strategy is going to be to identify where air defenses are before deploying troops. If there are two air defenses in close proximity, deploy to Lava Hounds. IF there is a lone air defense just deploy one Lava Hound for it. You can use spells like lightning or earthquake spells to inflict early damage on air defenses if you chose to put them in your army.

After deploying your Lava Hounds, you’re going to deploy all of your Balloons behind them. Using other troops you have brought, like Minions or Archers, you can place them to draw attention away from your Lava Hounds and Balloons. You’re also going to want to use your rage spells in areas that will provide bonuses to your Balloons and Lava Hounds simultaneously.

Join the High Ground

After looking at the best attack strategies and armies for Town Hall level 9, the next step is to practice deploying them. Knowing the proper troops to use is only half of the battle. While these tactics will help you start earning two stars on your raids, practice with the strategies will have you earning three stars in your raids in no time.

Happy Gaming!

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Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall Level 9 (2024) (2024)
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