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The Royal Champion is fourth and final hero introduced at Town Hall 13 in Clash of Clans. Understanding the max level of the Royal Champion at each Town Hall level is crucial for CoC players as it help to improve their base’s defensive and offensive capabilities.

Royal Champion gets increased damage, health, and abilities as you upgrade her to max level at TH13, TH14, TH15 and at the newly introduced Town Hall 16.

Clash of Clans players can summon the Royal Champion at TH13 as soon as her Altar is build.

Royal Champion is one of my favorite hero because –

  1. She target defenses with high Damage per Second (DPS)
  2. She can jump over walls.
  3. Royal Champion has the coolest and most useful hero equipment.

Here are the basic stats of Royal Champion

Preferred TargetAttack TypeAttack SpeedMovement SpeedRangeSearch Radius
Defensive buildingsRanged (Air and Ground)1.2 seconds243 tiles9 tiles

CoC Royal Champion Max Levels Table

Now lets take a look at stats of Royal Champion at each level:

LevelUpgrade TimeUpgrade CostDamage Per SecondHit PointsRegeneration TimeDamage Per HitHealth RecoverTown Hall Level Needed
1N/A60,0003402,50830 minutes40840013
28 hours70,0003502,55030 minutes42040013
312 hours75,0003602,59330 minutes43240013
416 hours80,0003702,63530 minutes44440013
520 hours90,0003752,67832 minutes45050013
61 days 20 hours1,00,0003802,72032 minutes45650013
72 days 18 hours1,10,0003852,76332 minutes46250013
83 days 6 hours1,20,0003902,80532 minutes46850013
93 days 18 hours1,30,0003962,84832 minutes475.250013
104 days 6 hours1,40,0004022,89034 minutes482.460013
114 days 12 hours1,50,0004082,93334 minutes489.660013
125 days1,60,0004142,97534 minutes496.860013
135 days1,65,0004203,01834 minutes50460013
145 days1,70,0004263,06034 minutes511.260013
155 days 12 hours1,75,0004323,10336 minutes518.470013
165 days 12 hours1,80,0004383,14536 minutes525.670013
175 days 12 hours1,85,0004443,18836 minutes532.870013
186 days1,90,0004483,23036 minutes537.670013
196 days1,95,0004523,27336 minutes542.470013
206 days2,00,0004563,31538 minutes547.280013
216 days 12 hours2,05,0004603,34938 minutes55280013
226 days 12 hours2,10,0004653,38338 minutes55880013
236 days 12 hours2,15,0004703,41738 minutes56480013
246 days 12 hours2,20,0004743,45138 minutes568.880013
256 days 12 hours2,25,0004773,48540 minutes572.490013
267 days 6 hours2,30,0004803,51940 minutes57690014
277 days 6 hours2,35,0004833,55340 minutes579.690014
287 days 6 hours2,40,0004863,58740 minutes583.290014
297 days 6 hours2,45,0004893,62140 minutes586.890014
307 days 6 hours2,50,0004923,65542 minutes590.41,00014
318 days2,60,0004953,68142 minutes5941,00015
328 days2,65,0004983,70642 minutes597.61,00015
338 days2,70,0005023,73242 minutes602.41,00015
348 days2,75,0005063,75742 minutes607.21,00015
358 days2,80,0005103,78344 minutes6121,10015
368 days2,85,0005143,80844 minutes616.81,10015
378 days2,90,0005183,83444 minutes621.61,10015
388 days2,95,0005223,85944 minutes626.41,10015
398 days3,00,0005263,88544 minutes631.21,10015
408 days3,05,0005303,91046 minutes6361,20015
418 days3,15,0005333,93646 minutes639.61,20016
428 days3,25,0005363,96146 minutes643.21,20016
438 days3,35,0005393,98746 minutes646.81,20016
448 days3,45,0005424,01246 minutes650.41,20016
458 days3,55,0005454,03848 minutes6541,30016

Royal Champion can be maxed out at level 45 in 241 days (Town Hall upgrades not included).

What is the max level of Royal Champion in TH13?

Royal Champion can be upgraded to the maximum level of 25 after she is unlocked at Town Hall 13.

Royal Champion Max Levels in CoC 2024: Stats from TH9 to TH16 - Clash Of Clans Wiki (1)

This 25 levels jump of Royal Champion is the biggest for any Hero in Clash of Clans universe.

It will take you 104 days and 16 hours to max out Royal Champion at TH13.

Upon reaching level 25, she gains access to various abilities and equipment, including the Royal Gem, Seeking Shield, Hog Rider Puppet, Haste Vial, and the Rocket Spear.

Also her stats will be – 477 DPS, 572.4 DPH, 3,485 Hit Points, 900 health recovery with a regen time of 40 minutes.

What is the max level for Royal Champion at TH14?

At Town Hall 14, the Royal Champion can be further upgraded to a maximum level of 30. You easily max out her in 36 days and 6 hours at TH14.

A Level 30 Royal Champion 492 DPS, 590.4 DPH, 3,655 Hit Points, a surprising 1,000 health recovery and a regeneration time of 42 minutes.

Since you unlock pet house at TH14 therefore we advise you to pair Royal Champion with LASSI because both can jump over the walls of enemy bases.

What level does Royal Champion go to at TH15?

Town Hall 15 aka TH15 marks a significant milestone for the Royal Champion, as she can be upgraded to a max level of 40. She will take 80 days to level up from 30 to 40.

Royal Champion’s stats will continue to improve as a level 40 RC will have 530 Damage per Second, 636 Damage per Hit, 3,910 hit points, 1,200 health recovery and 46 minutes of regen time.

What is the max level for Royal Champion at TH16?

At Town Hall 16, the Royal Champion can be upgraded to a maximum level of 45. You can max her out in just 40 days.

The Royal Champion has peak stats at level 45 which are as below – 545 DPS, 654 DPH, 4,038 hit points, 1,300 health recovery and 48 minutes of regeneration time.

Hero Equipment of Royal Champion in CoC

Royal Champion has two default aka common hero equipment

  • Royal Gem that gives her increased health regen.
  • Seeking Shield that allows her to targets 4 defenses.

She unlocks two more hero equipment at TH14 and TH15 after Blacksmith is upgraded to level 6 and level 7.

  • Hog Rider Puppet that allows her to summon a small army of hog riders.
  • Haste vial that allows her to attack and move faster.

Royal Champion also has one epic hero equipment namely Rocket Spear which increases her Damage per Shot.

Is the Royal Champion good in coc?

As I stated above, Royal Champion is probably the best Hero in CoC. Many will argue that Archer Queen is better. While Archer Queen is GOAT but Royal Champion is obviously a close second due to her unique abilities and stats.

Is the Royal Champion elixir or dark elixir?

Royal Champion can only be upgraded using dark elixir – Just like Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

What is the max level of Royal Champion?

As of the now Level 45 is the highest level of Royal Champion.

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Royal Champion Max Levels in CoC 2024: Stats from TH9 to TH16 - Clash Of Clans Wiki (2024)
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