TH 9 Max Level List With Upgrade Guide And Attack Strategy 2024 (2024)

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TH 9 Max Level List With Upgrade Guide And Attack Strategy 2024

You become enamored with the clash of Clans th9 max levels. Right now, you’re wondering if you can get to coc max th 9 in a timely and organized manner. In clan war leagues (CWL), you also desire to score higher for your clan.

You can access 13 new buildings in th 9 full max. The first time you cross the 100 building threshold is at this th 9 max base. With 101 structures that will take up more than 80% of your base today, you will enjoy creating your base’s design.TH 9 Max Level List With Upgrade Guide And Attack Strategy 2024 (1)

It depends is a straightforward response. In case this concerns your primary account, you ought to advance in your game. a lot of clashers have many accounts. They engage in Clan War League using the second account. The only explanation is that it will pit them against weaker tribes by reducing their war weight.

TH9 Max Level List 2024

When at th 9 max base link, a lot of Clash of Clans players are frequently interested in finding out what their heroes, troops, and buildings can achieve to the max level.

The max levels that may be attained by heroes, troops, and buildings at th9 max base link will be explained in this article. You’ll be able to plan your th 9 upgrades list much more effectively with this information.

Town Hall 9 Max Level List With Upgrade Guide listed Below :

  • max hero th 9
  • th 9 max troops
  • Town Hall 9 Max Resource Buildings
  • TH 9 Army Camp
  • TH 9 Max Level Defense Buildings
  • TH 9 Max Troops Level
  • TH 9 Max Level Of Spells

Town hall 9 Max Level king and queen

  1. town hall 9 king max levelTH 9 Max Level List With Upgrade Guide And Attack Strategy 2024 (2)
    LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade Time
    1117,00022 hours
    1219,0001 day
    1321,0001 day, 8 hours
    1423,0001 day, 16 hours
    1525,0002 days
    1627,0002 days
    1729,0002 days
    1831,0002 days
    1933,0002 days
    2035,0002 days, 12 hours
    2137,0002 days, 12 hours
    2239,0002 days, 12 hours
    2341,0002 days, 12 hours
    2443,0002 days, 12 hours
    2545,0003 days
    2647,0003 days
    2749,0003 days
    2851,0003 days
    2953,0003 days
    3055,0004 days

TH 9 Max Level Barbarian King has max 30 level at base th 9. There are 20 new levels are added of brand new hero golem king.

2. Archer Queen Max Level th9TH 9 Max Level List With Upgrade Guide And Attack Strategy 2024 (3)
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade Time
616,00012 hours
717,00014 hours
818,00016 hours
919,00018 hours
1020,00020 hours
1122,00022 hours
1224,0001 day
1326,0001 day, 8 hours
1428,0001 day, 16 hours
1530,0002 days
1632,0002 days
1734,0002 days
1836,0002 days
1938,0002 days
2040,0002 days,12 hours
2142,0002 days,12 hours
2244,0002 days,12 hours
2346,0002 days,12 hours
2448,0002 days,12 hours
2550,0003 days
2652,0003 days
2754,0003 days
2856,0003 days
2958,0003 days
3060,0004 days
TH 9 Maxed Archer Queen Level Is 30. Town hall max queen more new 25 level unlock at town hall nine.

Town Hall 9 Max List Of Resource Buildings

Resource BuildingsLevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector127
Gold Mine127
Elixir Storage114
Gold Storage114
Dark Elixir Drill63
Dark Elixir Storage61

TH 9 Max Army Buildings

Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Army Camp74
Spell Factory41
Clan Castle51
Dark Barracks51
Dark Spell Factory41

Max Defense Town Hall 9 List

DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower116
Air Defense74
Wizard Tower74
Air Sweeper52
Hidden Tesla74
Bomb Tower31

Max Level Traps TH 9 Bases

TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Spring Trap36
Air Bomb44
Giant Bomb34
Seeking Air Mine24
Skelton Trap32

TH 9 Maxed level Elixir Troops

Town Hall 9 TroopsTH9 Troop Levels
Wall Breaker5
Baby Dragon2

Dark Elixier Troops TH9

Dark TroopsLevels
Hog Rider5
Lava Hound2

Max Level Elixier Spells Town Hall 9

Elixier SpellsLevels
Light Spell6
Healing Spell6
Rage Spell5
Jump Spell1
Freeze Spell2

TH 9 Maximum Level Dark Elixier Spell

Dark SpellsLevels
Poison Spell3
Earthquake Spell3
Haste Spell2

Summary Of Base Th 9

To catch up, Town Hall 9 Max provides your base and army with thrilling upgrades and new opportunities. From max your heroes to unlocking powerful troops and spells, TH9 is a critical chapter in your Clash of Clans career.

It’s critical to strategically and effectively plan your upgrades as you embark on your TH9 war journey.

Each player’s anticipated time to fully utilize a TH9 base is different and is influenced by things like total activity level and resource availability. But if you work hard, you can accomplish this in a less amount of time.

Please leave a comment below if you need any help or if you have any queries about your TH9 experience.
They occasionally become perplexed regarding the maximum level of a specific building or troop in Town Hall 9 max level as a result.

In order to better organize their upgrading time, players might also wish to learn what Town Hall9 max levels are for every items.
They encounter numerous challenges in locating Town Hall 9’s true maximum levels while doing this.

If you catch up wit hmax th 9 base then you can visit my another TH 10 Max Level base article.

TH 9 Max Level List With Upgrade Guide And Attack Strategy 2024 (2024)
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