Esports & Gaming Addiction | Why PUBG was banned from Countries & grounds behind it.

Esports & Gaming Addiction | Why PUBG was banned from Countries & grounds behind it.

Why PUBG is Addictive, Banned in Various Countries, Why the world has started standing against PUBG, PUBG Responds to Ban, Gaming addiction

Talking about the youth of our country, majority of kids are busy playing games for hours and constantly focus on just one thing: PUBG. It is not a bothered till that, but when they play online games which contains unethical things such as bloodshed all over, killing, guns, and all dark substance, IT IS PROBLEM!

“It affects their mental health, psychological thinking, and physical health too”

Both young  and adult forget the track of time while playing PUBG at the cost of studies, work or other activities.

Why PUBG is so Addictive:

  • PUBG mobile is free of cost and accessible to almost anyone in the world.
  • Because of the one-to-one connection with other players, it could get very addictive.
  • It allows voice chat while playing PUBG.

Banned in Various Countries:


India banned PUBG under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. The Government of India claimed that the PUBG Mobile Application was too engaging in activities that are prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity, defense, and security of the country.

The prominent reasons why countries banned PUBG were the game is too addictive, it does not care about its users' health, does not warn about the ill effects of the screen time, and propagates violence.


China bans PUBG which is the official distributor of games and it was a surprise that the country bans its own game because of the unethical display to users.

The amount of bloodshed in the game is prime reason behind China to ban the PUBG and therefore, Tencent has found a workaround for this and built a separate version of the game called Game For Peace.


The PTA(Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) banned PUBG because they received many complaints for the game which were : It was too addictive and had adverse effects on children's physical and psychological health. But the PTA had to lift the ban because the petitions filed from the Islamabad High Court.


In Nepal, PUBG got banned after a judgement by the Kathmandu district court on a PIL by the Metropolitan Crime Division. The PIL mentioned that the game had detrimental effects on children. After the ban surged, petitions were filed in the supreme court of Nepal, which then overturned the ban.

PUBG Ban: Why the world is against PUBG?

1) PUBG is too addictive. This results in the younger generation devoting too much time to their mobile screens and that has resulted from students neglecting their careers, studies, and developmental and physical disorders and disturbs the gamer’s sleep patterns and disrupts physical and mental health.

2) PUBG makers have acted reckless according to some experts. Today even Apple, Facebook, and all others dedicatedly informing users about their screen times, ill effects of the same, however, PUBG did not take responsibility for user health and operates without any warning mechanism.

PUBG BAN: India banned PUBG for certain reasons

Initially,few Indian states had already banned PUBG even before the Government of India decided to ban PUBG in the entire country in wake of the Anti-China wave. However, India banned more than 118 Chinese mobile applications list in a row, including PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, Baidu, WeChat to counter the threat posed by these applications to the country’s “sovereignty and security”.

Chinese applications were impelling the threat to state security and public order and concluded that,

“This decision is a target that must be achieved for the safety of the state, security, and sovereignty of the Indian cyberspace,” said the Indian IT Ministry.

PUBG Responds to Ban:

PUBG Corporation is diligently monitored the situation around the recent bans of PUBG Cooperation.

PUBG Corporation has made the decision to no longer permit the PUBG MOBILE franchise to Tencent Games in India. Fastforward, PUBG Corporation will take off all publishing responsibilities within the country.

Gaming addiction as a WHO-recognised health problem:

In 2018, World Health Organisation (WHO) finally acknowledged the existence of 'Gaming Disorder'.

"online games has a positive display on developing problem-solving skills, and enhances other mental abilities such as concentration and multitasking, an excess of anything is harmful”

Health issues:

Long hours of gaming can surge the chances of obesity, weaken the muscles and joints, cause incorrect posture, weaken eyesight, and even cause headaches.

Behavioural problems:

Violent games like PUBG can trigger aggressive thoughts, emotions, and behavior deterioration of the mental well-being of the players. These can build the long-term impressions on the minds of young children.

Failing social life:

PUBG gamers are so busy in their game that they forgot they have a life too! Studies have claimed that long hours of gaming can affect social life badly. Though the PUBG has a feature of voice connection and chatting, there is a difference between reel and real!

Disrupted sleep pattern:

Researchers already mentioned that the blue lights from the phone in the night can cause detrimental effects on the eyes. People are mostly busy playing PUBG at late night disrupting their sleep patterns which result in poor health and eyes.

Exposure to wrong values:

Children often mimic the behaviour portrayed by games which has deteriorating exposure like excessive violence, profanity, racism, and many other aspects in games like PUBG can be harmful. For instance, get angry for smaller issues affecting their thought process and emotions.

Academic performance hampered:

Children may skip studies over playing the games which can hamper their overall academics.